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Benefits Of Integrating Salesforce With Your E-Commerce Business

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Data is the future, and the future is now. In the competitive e-commerce industry, many businesses are finding new ways to use customer data to their advantage. There’s no better way to enrich customer experiences than by using customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRMs have the functionality of integrating emails, managing contacts, reporting data, and a whole lot more. A well-known example of a CRM is Salesforce – the leading CRM software.


What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management software that improves customer experience, generates leads, and analyzes huge chunks of data. These are all integral to building bridges with clients. It helps companies understand their customers by connecting with them on different levels. This CRM software is particularly unique because it has a plethora of functions – from tracking opportunities, managing tasks, to automating your business operations. 


What Are The Benefits Of Integrating Salesforce With Your E-Commerce Business?

The CRM market share leader, Salesforce, packs features like no other. It’s gained so much steam that many businesses even hire top Salesforce consultants to customize it to their own needs. Now here’s the big question: what makes Salesforce so special in the e-commerce industry?


Improves Customer Experience 

To enhance customer experience, you must first have access to reliable customer relationship management software. Salesforce is a useful tool for companies to get to know their customers better. This popular CRM software gives you access to data that you can leverage – your customers’ wants, problems, and even buying patterns. It’s evident that using a CRM like Salesforce is crucial in improving customer experiences.

When talking about customer experience, that includes chatting with your customers too! You don’t necessarily have to see your customers in person to guide them thanks to the live agent customer software. This feature has a chat box that customers can use to communicate with your agents. Salesforce allows you to check the profile of your customers. This ensures that the agent who is knowledgeable about the subject matter is assigned to them. 


Easily Syncs Your Data

If your business uses other apps like Google or Microsoft applications, then Salesforce is the application to use. One of its advantages lies in its ability to sync data, so that it’s accessible for your business. This means you no longer have to keep switching windows because it’s all in one application. And speaking of accessibility, Salesforce is also available on mobile. That way, you can track your data anywhere at your most convenient time! 


Boasts Enhanced Marketing Tools

On the internet, businesses almost always require digital marketing to succeed. With the help of Salesforce, you’ll gain access to marketing tools that are proven to be useful to merchants and marketers. You can perform A/B tests to find out what works best with your customer base. This results in launching successful marketing campaigns. And when customers type in search queries, merchants can adjust them for their products to gain visibility. 


Boost In Sales Team Performance

What’s great about Salesforce is that you can find all your customer data in one software. Sales teams can benefit greatly from this data. Usually, this contains customer details – from past orders, viewed products, and payment details. Use this data as leverage to upsell your products to these clients. And because you can check a customer’s payment history, you can negotiate payment terms that fit their preference. 


Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence

A standout feature of Salesforce is Einstein, which is basically applying artificial intelligence in customer relationship management. This innovation by Salesforce interprets large data sets, processes it, and determines the best course of action to take – depending on your objective. The advantages of AI are endless. When you can automate business processes and increase productivity in your workplace, you’ll certainly achieve positive results in your e-commerce business. 

To delve deeper into what Einstein brings to the table, let’s talk about its main functions. It’s important to know that Einstein collects your data from day one – social networks, emails, calendars, and the like. From this data, Einstein trains its AI models so it’s personalized to your business needs. This helps users discover patterns in data and predicts results that aid in decision-making. Ever since the inception of Einstein, multiple AI tools have been up for purchase on Salesforce. Einstein Lead Scoring, Einstein Recommendation Builder, and Einstein Discovery are some of the 60+ AI products.



With many customers turning to online shopping, e-commerce companies must have the capacity to scale with high traffic on their websites. Whether you’re in a start-up or an established company, growth should be the least of your concerns as the architecture was designed to handle millions of users. The robust system ensures that the user experience is consistent regardless of traffic. 


Final Word

If providing the best customer service is what you’re looking for, then Salesforce might just be it. After all, the only way for your company to succeed is by maintaining your customer base. Many companies are now leveraging the power of CRMs, like Salesforce, to grow their e-commerce business. With all the benefits Salesforce can provide, adopting it in your organization will provide you with endless opportunities for growth.