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Entry Level
February 28, 2023
Job description
- Must be Salesforce Certified Consultant
Responsible for all types of standard Salesforce Development and customization. This includes coding, unit testing, building applications, and creating and modifying existing applications.
Mentoring junior Salesforce Developers.

# Benefits:
- Social and Medical Insurance
Required Skills
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.
Experience developing customer-facing interfaces.
Advanced knowledge of Salesforce CRM platforms.
Proficient in SOQL, Apex, JavaScript and VisualForce.
Expert working knowledge on VS Code.
Excellent communication skills.
Ability to solve complicated software and application issues.
Ability to manage several project requirements.
Meeting with project managers/customers to determine CRM needs.
Developing customized solutions within the Salesforce platform.
Designing, coding, and implementing Salesforce applications.
Creating timelines and development goals.
Testing the stability and functionality of the application.
Troubleshooting and fixing bugs.
Writing documents and providing technical training for Salesforce users.
Maintaining the security and integrity of the application software.