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Deep dive into Salesforce & DevOps Center

Salesforce DevOps Center is where you can manage your releases, enabling everyone to deploy changes using a point-and-click interface. Say goodbye to boring change sets!

The aim of Salesforce DevOps Center is to follow modern best practices. Like Source Control, to help track changes automatically as you make them in development environments.


Almost all development teams share the same sentiment about change sets. They’re time consuming and bothersome to deal with


Some key features of the DevOps Center:

  • Track your work. With Work Items, A new object designed for DevOps Center
  • Track these changes automatically. By viewing a list of changed metadata components and being able to select the one you want to deploy. No more sticky notes to track changes
  • Github as VCS. Currently Github is the only VCS available to integrate with DevOps Center, But other Version Control Systems are coming soon, Like Gitlab, Azure DevOps, BitBucket
  • Deploy your changes with clicks. Check your deployment pipeline and visualize updated metadata components and select which one to deploy from one stage to the next. (Dev environment => Staging Environment => Production)

How about using the CLI, VSCode Or Github?


You can also use those, by working directly from VSCode or Github. You can commit changes directly to your team Source Control Repo, Create a branch, Merge Pull Requests whether it’s from VSCode, CLI or Github. That would instantly reflect in the DevOps Center User Interface, so other team members could come and see these changes.

How do I install it to my Org?

Well, currently, it’s in Beta Stage but you can enable it in your org from Setup,  if you have a Production Org with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited or a Developer-Edition Org. To enable it:

  • Enter DevOps Center in Quick Find then select DevOps Center
  • Toggle to enable the DevOps Center
  • Click Install Package
  • Select Install for Admins Only
  • Approve third-party access to and
  • You can then see it in the Installed Packages

To access it from the App Launcher, you first need to create a new Connected App, To do so:

  • Select App Manager from Setup and then Create new Connected App
  • Type in these info.
  • In Web App Settings enter the Start Url: /sf_devops/
  • Click Save
  • In Manage Connected Apps, Click Manage
  • Click Manage Permission Sets
  • Select sf_devops_NamedCredentials Permission Set, then save

Finally you can assign your team members the permission set to access the DevOps Center.