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Extra $1M because We Bought Salesforce

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you almost made a decision - something you thought might not be the best idea - only to have someone persuade you to do it anyway?

That was me when it came to Salesforce. Having researched various options, including HubSpot, Sugar, and Zoho, we found that Salesforce had the highest barrier to entry and required a lengthy implementation process. During the final decision meeting, my CIO strongly advocated for Salesforce.

As a result, we ultimately decided to give Salesforce a shot. Enhance our customer relationships with management: We finally had the ability to manage our customer relationships!

It allowed the sales team to track customer interactions, manage customer accounts, and provide personalized experiences to our customers, which led to an increase in customer satisfaction and renewed loyalty.

We had a feeling that the acquiring organization would likely use Salesforce for their own environment.

In the end, Salesforce proved to be worth its cost - not only by becoming its own return on investment, but also by enabling us to better manage the company, improve delivery timelines, service delivery, and increase productivity.

I Sold My Company for an Extra $1M because We Bought Salesforce, and that was the truth!

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