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Salesforce Admin’s Skill Kit

Salesforce Admin’s Skill Kit


There is an imbalance between the amount of open employment and the amount of Salesforce professionals who have landed a job. This gap is caused by a lack of awareness of Salesforce Admin skills, as well as the ease with which these skills may be linked to real-world job postings. According to IDC, the Salesforce ecosystem will generate 9.3 million job opportunity and $1.6 trillion in new corporate revenue globally by 2026. Salesforce launched the“Salesforce Admin Skills Kit”,to address this issue, with the goal of simplifying the employment market and serving as a resource for both job seekers and employers.


Salesforce's Admin Skills Kit is a blueprint that outlines the 14 important skills required to be a great Salesforce Admin. The Salesforce Admin Skills Kit should be utilized by the following people:
  • Job Seekers: Use the Skills Kit to produce an incredible resume that will help you stand out while also addressing typical corporate demands. 
  • Employers: Can use the Skills Kit to generate job descriptions or interview questions. 
  • Salesforce Admins: The Skills Kit may be used to assist you prepare for performance evaluations or to demonstrate the many ways you offer value to a company.

The 14 skills in the skill kit:

For each skill you are given tips if you are a job seeker , admin ,or employer. Moreover,  you are given resources to develop these skills.



You don't have to master all 14 skills; this is more of a guide. So, you should choose the ones that are most relevant to you and your position. For me, I think the most basic skills are data management and automation. Since that is a part of what Salesforce is all about. Yet skills like communication and problem solving are generally important.