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User Adoption in Salesforce

User Adoption in Salesforce

User adoption is a huge challenge in any Salesforce implementation project. Although managers tend to actively use their CRM instance, sales people always find it restricting and time consuming. Thus, an architect should use some tactics to provide all tiers of end users a smooth and efficient experience on Salesforce.

Some tactics for a Salesforce architect to overcome adoption challenges may include:

  1. Find the right stakeholder: When it comes to gathering scope requirements, choose the person who knows all about the business, knows what are the key problems in the workflow, has the ability to coordinate with you to find the right solutions, and has enough time to follow up, test, and train other users.
  2. Identify Key Problems: Salesforce is the right platform to make the life of sales and marketing teams better. Thus, the best motive for end users to get acquainted with the CRM, is to show them how it can solve their problems.
  3. Automate and Enhance: Whenever possible, try to automate any process. This helps users do their job faster!